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Melbourne Web Development

Web development agency in Melbourne

In the last decade we have seen the internet become the most popular and effective way for businesses and individuals to communicate and interact with one another.
With social networking and online media growing into today’s main source of information, coping with the demands and expectations of today’s tech savvy market means quality Web Development has never been more important.

At Vixeltech we ensure our Web Development practices and services are always at the forefront of today’s technology. We constantly search, adapt, and adjust, making sure that when we develop for you, our techniques are the best available. We have created some awesome websites for our clients in Melbourne, UK and other countries.

Web Development Process

web development processAtVixel Technologies we follow the best practices to build a website, right from the planning in the intial stage to final stages of UA testing. Before we plan, we study and gather your business requirements. We think from your customer’s point of view. Once we have gathered all that’s required, our design team will plan and work on web strategy that meets your business requirements. This is usually followed by our development team who works on the coding of your website.

The whole process is like building a new home. The architects draw up a home plan, gather all the information from you, such as your favourite colours, number of rooms, etc. Once you are happy with the design, the builder now starts building your home. This is where our development team fits in when developing your website. Once the development is completed, you should now see a beta website of yours. The final step is to make sure that there are no bugs in the website. The testing team now goes through all the testing process and once this is completed and you are happy with the result, we deliver the project to you.

our working process in 3 steps

We take every project very seriously and work hard to achieve the best results. We follow a simple 3 step process which is planning & strategy, design & develop AND test & delivery.


planning & strategy

planning & strategy

We gather all the business requirements from our clients. & break it down to individual tasks or modules.

design & develop

design & develop

Design and development modules are implemented to make sure all the requirements are implemented.

test & deliver

test & deliver

Once the system is clean of all the bugs, we deliver the project.

Static or Informational website development

melbourne web developmentThese websites were the first ones to hit the internet. They can be simple html pages which is just providing information about your business. Such websites are not limited to the number of pages. They do not have any dynamic contents which means such websites are not producing pages based on a user action. Such websites can be a simple one page website to x number of pages.

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Dynamic website development

dynamic website developmentThese websites produce pages or results based on a user action. For e.g a job website. Results are displayed when a user selects what sort of job is he is looking and also selects the other filters. The website then goes through the database and displays the results based on the users search criteria. These are dynamic websites. Dynamic websites can be simple website to really complex ones depending upon the requirements.

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eCommerce website development

QS SUPPLIES eCommerce WEB DEVELOPMENTeCommerce stands for electronic commerce over the internet. When it comes to eCommerce website, it means there are transactions involved where the user is buying or paying for products or services. eCommerce websites are the most popular ones today. eCommerce websites are linked to payment gateway which processes all the transactions thats happening on the website and then credits the payment into your bank account. We have developed and maintained many eCommerce websites.

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blog-web-developmentBlog is short name for web log. A blog is a frequently updated website that is written in an informal or conversational style. It is run by an individual or a group of individuals on a particular topic. For e.g. John is interested in starting a blog on healthy recipes. He has got a website which is a blog as John is constantly updating with more healthy recipes and tips. He also wants his website to be more interactive and hence he has decided to have an option on every page for feedback or questions where the users can leave any feedback or ask any questions to John about the relevant recipe page. We create blogs using wordpress which is an open source CMS. Wordpress was originally used for blogs and then later on got enhanced to create more complex websites.

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